What is chirptoons?

It is an online tool where you type a conversational story & it gets animated automatically!

Is it related to Twitter / tweets ?

No, chirptoons is not related to twitter in any way.

What all can I customize?

You can name your characters, tag your chirps and post anonymous or self-authored chirps. You can also have different characters, actions and emotions to represent your characters and their dialogues.

Do I get to edit/delete my chirps later?

Sure, you can - but only if you are a registered user on chirptoons. Else, you only get to create chirps.

Can I share what I chirp?

Yes, you can ! You can tweet, embed the chirp on any site, pass on the url to your friends and enemies, digg it etc. Moreover, we would be tracking your chirps to inform you about the number of favourites and visits to your chirp.

Why should I chirp ?

It would be for a noble cause. We accidentally killed a tweety bird and this is our penance. So, by chirping you would be aiding a noble cause ! Go ahead Chirp.